IMG 1366  TELESCOPE M38 IMG 1367  M38 Scope out of the box IMG 1368  M.H.R. CO. 1943 R.J.D IMG 1369  NO. 119766 IMG 1370  base dismantled IMG 1371  first lens with adjustment bolts
IMG 1372  spool piece between lens and prism block IMG 1373  view of the prism block IMG 1374  the first one has a red dot IMG 1375  the holder sticks on the prism IMG 1376  some 70 years old foam is the reason. IMG 1377  the prism block dismantled
IMG 1378  the rear prism has a green dot IMG 1379  the rear lens and the crosshair with all internal parts IMG 1395  view of the crosshair after reassambling IMG 1396  Scope after cleaning IMG 1397  no weathering needed IMG 1399  M38 scope
IMG 1400  top view